I've tried doing some research and haven't had much luck. I have two children adopted internationally. At one point I thought that would be my only two children. I now have a 2 year old step daughter too who is not adopted. Previously I had celebrated 'Family Day' with my two adopted children. I don't want the 2 year old to feel slighted when she gets older when she sees that for the other two children we celebrate their birthday AND another special day.
Any ideas and alternatives? What do other mixed families do out there? Thanks
Why not have a "gotcha day"?
She may not be adopted by your wife, but there was a day when she came into your life. Why not celebrate that? Like an "I'm so lucky to have met your mom, and then I found out that you were part of the package and that made the present even more amazing!"
So that is a very good question. I think c.a is right. You had a special day where you step daughter joined your life. I would look into maybe celebrating your first date with your wife, or the first day you meet your stepdaughter and let that be her special day. You might want to read this article too: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/how-chris-j...
Chris Janson, calls his step children, his bonus kids. I think it is the sweetest thing!