Waiting for very first foster placement!!!
Hi, we just got our foster care license last week. We are so excited! :banana: We have already emailed the CPU with all of our info. I really want to get a call soon! We are in San Bernardino county. Our age range is 0 to 5, we will take sibling sets and any ethnicity and gender, we are not picky. Does anyone know how long it could take to get the first call??
I don't know, but I am excited for you!!! :banana: We just finished our homestudy on Sunday, so we are now waiting to finish our process. Our license for foster care should happen in November. We already have a license for respite.
Congrats & good luck! It can take any amount of time, really. We got our first call about a month after and it was for a sibling group of 3 ages 2, 3, & 4. All in diapers. It was a doozy - considering we had 2 of our own, ages 18 months & 3!
Congratulations! I wish you the best, I think it all depends on yuur area. We have had our license for 1.5 years and have only had 2 placements, one for 3 months and one for 10 days. Our area rarely removes the children from the home. Our goal is to foster/adopt. There is a lot of kinship in my area as wll where the grandparents step in. Good luck on your journey!:cheer:
I'm in CA, but a different county. I'm still waiting. This is the third week we've been open for business and waiting. It's SO hard to wait and not get that call but I'm trying to distract myself.
I'm in California and i'm in a different county and when we got licensed last year it took a week to get our 1st placement. Our first official call was our 1st placement. We've had 5 placements and a total of 7 kids. Our 1st placement was here 11 months. Guess it just depends on where you're located and what your requirements are that determines the time frame. I've heard some people get placements the day they are licensed. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Good Luck
We got a placement call last Friday on the 9th but we turned it down because it wasn't a good fit for our family. Main reason was the visitation schedule. 3 hours a week and I just couldn't add 3 more hours of visits especially when I had to drive out of the area. I had a placement leave today (our baby boy that we were suppose to adopt). In the midst of my sadness we got a placement call for a sib set. I said I would only do it if mom were willing to do a scheduled visit every week at the same time and place where I currently monitor my other FD's visit. CSW said that she would give mom a bus pass or tokens so that she could make it to visits. I really won't lose sleep if they place the kids elsewhere. Hope that didn't sound mean because I will welcome any kids that come to our home. Just saying that if they don't come it's fine.
Another newbie
We completed our license 2 weeks ago. I just finished typing up a blog post about our experience so far. You might be able to relate to it:

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