Information needed on good agencies in DRC or Uganda
I am new to this board and we have just decided to adopt. We are looking at DRC or Uganda and need help choosing and agency. I have info from EAC and would love feedback from anyone who has information on them or other agencies. I understand this has to be a private message. Thank you very much for any help. I am a bit overwhelmed right now.
I am looking at EAC also. Could you PM me with feedback that you received? Thanks!
EAC adoption agency
Hi, if anyone has any good info on EAC or other agency please PM me too! Thanks!

We are looking at adopting from Congo.

We are looking to adopt from DRC or Uganda (or possibly elsewhere in Africa) and I would love any information regarding agencies that any of you can pass on. Thank you in advance!
Information on EAC when adopting from Uganda
My daughter and son-in-law are wanting to adopt from Uganda and are wondering about the agency EAC, or other agencies that you might be willing to give feedback on. Please private message me any information you'd be willing to share.
My friend is looking to adopt from Congo too. She is looking into EAC and I told her I would look here for feedback. Can anyone PM me with any feedback that they have received?
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