We were going to adopt from Russia, but theres now a ban so we've looking to pursue other options.
How young are the children? (In Russia it was usually 9 months and up)
How long does it take to adopt from Ukraine?
What kind of living conditions do the children live in?
Thank you for your help everyone. If theres anything else you would like to add, please do so.
Pretty sure Ukraine don't allow adoption of under 6 year olds unless they have moderate-severe special needs (things like HIV, Downs Syndrome, FAS and so on). I've seen quite a few blogs with people coming home with children and sibling groups of 2 aged 7+ and younger ones with special needs like I mentionned above
You don't pre-select children, so there are no referrals, although there are hosting programs and i believe some people have adopted older children after hosting them. You complete homestudy, it gets sent to Ukraine, and then after a few months waiting, you get invited out to Ukraine to view books of waiting children. If you find a child you might parent you can visit them in the orphanage and then you can choose to proceed. I believe there's a limited number of times you can see the books of waiting children (3??) before you have to return home. I think you can get invited out again but i guess most people don't choose that and persue another route to adoption
We've adopted from Ukraine twice. All of our referrals were of children aged 6 and up. If you're looking for a healthy infant or toddler, I'd recommend you pick a different country.
It took us less than a year to adopt from Ukraine. We were approved to adopt a child(ren) from the ages 6-12 and ended up adopting an 8 year old boy. He just recently celebrated his first year with us.
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