Ccs in Texas
Do all foster homes in Texas qualify for ccs? One of the reasons that I wanted to limit my ages to 0-3 is the day care thing. thanks.
Foster kids qualify for childcare subsidy if funds are available and both foster parents work full time. The subsidy will not begin until at least 10-14 days after placement, so if you're needing to use daycare during that time you will have to pay out of pocket. Kids that are school aged do not qualify, so any childcare that is needed after school or during school breaks is also an out of pocket expense.
You must work full time. There are other ways to get CCMS when you are not a foster family, but as a foster family, you must work full time and be able to prove it if asked.

Also, a child who is level moderate or specialized will not qualify for CCMS.
Also, not all daycares accept CCMS. you will need to find out who does.
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