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Hi! New to the Site! BirthMom.
Daughter turns 3 in Oct 2013. I visited her for her first birthday, and have decided that until she wants to meet us, that I'll stay in the background.
But each year for her birthday, I'd like to write her a story, about adoption, and couple that with photos of her birthfather and I dressed as the characters.
For her second birthday, we did Princess and Knight. The story was spot on, and the photoshoot yeilded amazing results ^_^.
Now I'm brainstorming for her story for her third birthday, and I'm pretty sure I want to go with Pirate and Mermaid, but am at a loss for how to turn that into an adoption story.
That's where you come in!
Any thoughts?
For an idea of how I write, and the simple kind of tale I'm looking to tell, here's the tumblr where my first story is: [URL=""]It's the second post down.[/URL] (Please ignore the rest of my blog, as it's very sarcastic and Woe-is-me.)
So... A Pirate and Mermaid give a baby up for adoption.... Go!