when cps appeals to higher court
Is anyone here familiar with what happens when cps files an appeal to have a case moved to a higher court because they disagree with the judges decision ? How often does cps win an appeal and how long is the process after the appeal is filed? Kids spent year in care then sent to relative. Then there were safety concerns ...one being a lot of birth parent contact. Judge did not terminate BP rights as requested. Neither parent doing services or showed to court. Cps, casa and district attorney wanted termination as well as removal from relative. Judge left kids with relative and gave 2 month extension. Cps is filing an appeal. No one knows what to expect. Anyone ever see anything like this?
Does the appeal go to a higher court or might it be heard by a different judge? I've seen this in reverse. I've seen child removed from relative replacement which was appealed and then appealed again.
I dont know. Did the relative win the appeal in that case ? How long did the court process take ?
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