Doctors, Anyone with Concept 7 in southern California?
Just starting the process! Anyone else use concept 7 in southern California? Also, just curious can foster children use any doctor? Does anyone take advantage of the utility discounts offered to foster parents?
Hi Lilia. I have never heard of Concept 7 personally but that does not mean that they are not a good agency. Some times agencies are diamonds in the rough. I would definitely check out a minimun of 3 agencies if not more to see how those agencies can meet your need and handle obstacles that will arise during your fost/adopt journey should you plan of going that route. Foster children can use any doctor that accepts Medi-Cal also known as Medicaid in some areas. I would start researching which doctors in your area accept it so that way when you get a placement you won't be scrambling to find a doctor, dentist or optometrist that takes the kids Medi-Cal. What area of California are you located in?
Thank you so much for the reply! [url=]Concept 7 [/url] there is concept 7. I've been e-mailing them back and forth for ove two years about fostering. We closed on our home a year a ago and are now ready! They've been super helpful. I did check out 3 more agencies, and county. However some agencies aren't following the updated RSSP laws, and still enforcing their own regulations... so that was a turn off. I'm in southern California. Antelope Valley about 30 mins to LA. Looking to foster to start newborn-1 year old, or will take sibling groups, up to two years old.

I did check out Concept 7. They seem like they have a good program but I will let you know one thing about agencies...they have there own set of rules. For some reason agencies tend to be more strict than the Counties. Probably because they are held to more stringent rules by Community Care Licensing whereas the County is the Agency placing kids so they tend to have more flexibility. I know that we just recently participated in an audit because our home was chosen by the County and the lady that came out from the County to do an audit on our Agency was EXTREMELY STRICT. Rules that didn't apply to County homes applied to us because we were with an Agency.

Besides the RSSP LAWS what were some of the pros and cons between the other Agencies? And can you give me an example of what RSSP laws the Agencies weren't following
I am in the CARE program for The Gas Company. I also have a cell phone thru Reachout Wireless (free lunch program or medi-cal qualifies). I have the unlimited talk & text for $26.50 No data plan. Free phone, nothing fancy. Free activation.
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