Adoptive Parent Research Survey
Hi! I am a parent of 4 children, and also an adoptive parent. I am also a Master's Candidate at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA. I am currently conducting research on anxiety levels in adoptees, ages 2.5 to 12 years, as reported by their adoptive parents. This research is designed to evaluate levels of anxiety in children in families with only adopted children, and in families with biological and adopted children, as compared to a control group of families with only biological children. This study consists of a short survey for adoptive parents through Survey Monkey:

[url]https://www[/url]. surveymonkey. com/s/Anxiety_ In_Young_ Adoptees

If you could take a couple minutes to click the link and complete the survey, I would appreciate it very much! This research will be completely confidential, and will add to our knowledge of the field of adoption and anxiety.

Thank you,

Kera Burdick

Master's Candidate

Clinical Psychology MFT and LPCC

I would be glad to help but your link does not work.
Research Survey Correction
Dear Becky, Thanks for letting me know! The corrected link is

[url][/url] In_Young_ Adoptees

If you can't click the above address, copy and paste into your address window.

Thanks So Much,

Kera Burdick
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