Being approved to adopt?
Hello, I'm new to this forum. I live in Monroe county.

I am a 28 year old stay at home wife. I have chronic pain (Not so bad I can't care for a child's needs and I haven't been diagnosed with anything)

My husband is 27 and he works full time. We live in a two bedroom apartment.

Would we be turned away from adopting a child with special needs or any child for that matter, if they come to our home and see we have several pets? We have 4 guinea pigs, and 2 cats. We have 1 rat (sadly her mate died yesterday of old age)

Also do you think they would turn us away because I stay at home and have chronic pain? Do they turn people away just because they are overweight? I've read about that happening. Both of us are considered "obese" but we are otherwise healthy. Good blood pressure, heart rate, can walk, run, play (the weight doesn't stop us. The pain on my part might slow me down sometimes)

Would us never having children before be a problem? I've read about people not getting a placement because they had no children in their home.

I'm looking into volunteering for Big Brothers, Big Sisters, boys and girls club, stonebelt (and similar places). Would that help us get approved?

What else do you suggest we do to help us get approved and matched with a child? I'm interested in children with special needs. I can relate to them in a way and it is just where my heart is, especially down syndrome and autism. We start classes in Feb, so we have a long way to go, but we want to be ready.

Thank you!
I'm in Marion County and in my opinion and experience none of that matters. Get signed up for classes, you probably should check into private agencies, they have more special needs(therapeutic) children and often offer more support which you would definitely need when taking on therapeutic placements.

Checking with the local Department of Children and Family, start on
Hi there. We are in the process of getting licensed as well. As far as pets, you will have to show they are uptodate on their shots and has had rabies shot and show they are not aggressive.

As far as health. No they cannot deny you based on what you posted. I have reheumatoid arthritis, but I knwo that cannot prevent them from licensing me. You will have to get your doctor to fill out a statement about your health stating if you are capable physically of caring for children.

IT doesnt matter if you have children or not, many people who are childless can adopt and even single men or women.

It is a long road of classes, training, LOTS of paperwork...but it looks like you have the determination to get through it all.. messag eme if you ever wnat to chat or just talk. THANKS!
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