Has anyone heard of the website [url=]Carseat Canopy ™ - We've got your baby covered![/url] I recieved a email today from them that says with
the Promo Code "babydeal12" you get a free carseat canopy, seems too good to be true. Has anyone ever heard of this company and if so, are they a legit company?
It is legit! I saw a similar ad around Thanksgiving where they promised a $50 freebie.
So basically you can get a free carseat canopy, but you have to pay shipping. So it's not really free. But it's about $15 for a really great carseat canopy.
They have some really cute fabrics and prints too! Don't worry it's not a scam. I've heard that there's a lot more companies out there that do similar things with nursing pillows, etc.
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