I am adopted and also a birth mother in the state of Nevada. I have been searching for the past several years for my son and my mother/father but I am becoming very frustrated and inquisitive now.
What I have found for the last two years is that there is a state adoption registry webpage page on the State of Nevada website, it lists a phone number that is non-functional. I have sent postal mail and emails to the addresses listed on the forms available for download. I have placed many phone calls to DCFS, Catholic Charities, and other Nevada State depts. but they always lead back to one woman on staff for the State of Nevada that never answers her phone.
I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue?
I am also starting to wonder if Catholic Charities changes the dates and possibly places of birth?
Any insight is helpful. Thank you.
Send a letter to the head of DHFS in your state with CC to your state representative. Document out your frustration. Copy the letter and send it again if you get no response. Keep doing that noting 2nd request, 3rd request, 4th request. At a certain point write a letter to the editor detailing how unresponsive they are.
As to date changes - yes, in the past adoption agencies did change the day of birth...not sure what decade you were born in.
Have you tried a search angel?
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