My brothers and I have reunited and also found our BParents. We are convinced we have a younger sister due to discussions with my AMom, and my younger brother's AMom. We would love to reunite with our sister. Here is what we know:
BMom- Joanne Lawson Weaver
BFather- David Gene Weaver
Paternal BGrandmother- Myrtle Weaver
-My oldest brother Mike was born in 1967 in Lancaster,Pa and our BMom abandoned him and ran off with my BFather.
-I was born in April 1968 in Norristown, Pa. My BMom and BFather abandoned me with my AParents
-My younger brother David was born in Virginia in 1971, and had complications during his birth that led our BParents to believe he was going to die, they still managed to work through that and abandon him as well.
(Strange thing about this is that after abandoning me, they named my younger brother the exact same name, then abandoned him-SMH)
My AMom was pregnant with my younger ASister (born 10/73) when she was contacted by Virginia State Troopers asking if my AParents would like to adopt my younger sister, who had also been (say it with me) abandoned. My AParents were in their early 30's with 4 kids already and financially they decided they couldn't do it, although it killed them not to. My AParents say it is the biggest regret of their life.
We assume based on the math involved here, that the younger sister had to be born between late 1971 and 10/73.
We are all financially secure, mentally stable individuals, and we want nothing more than to know you are ok, and hopefully have a relationship with you. Please contact me if you think any of this sounds familiar to you.
Posted in West Virginia forum as well as Virginia, even though we are 90% sure it is Virginia, my BFather live in West Virginia currently so we are not 100% positive our sister was in Virginia or West Virginia.