Hi, all! We are getting close to the finish line ( finally) but I am running into a snag with the gas appliance inspection I was told I needed to have done. It seems it is mostly plumbers who do this, and I am getting quotes of 200.00-475.00 for a little inspection. Really??? :eek:
So I am wondering if any of my fellow Houston area fost/adopt parents can suggest a service at a more reasonable price? Or, am I just not understanding the going rate for this stuff?? What did you all pay?
Any leads would be greatly appreciated. It is the only thing we need to do besides the home study, and I am so looking forward to checking it off the list!
Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have :)
Yes, I have someone. But, I can't find his cell number, I was just looking, I need to update my fire-safety inspection soon.
I will PM you with what I do have.
Wow, we are in the Dallas area but our furnace inspection was $75. Originally $85 but knocked off $10 because it's for a good cause :)
I was shocked as well with the price but that is the price I was getting as well, super high! and yes a Plumber does the inspection (which I thought was odd).
I finally talked to someone who gave me a discount. It is going to end up being 175.00...scheduled for this week. That still seems high to me, but what are you going to do? :)