We have put in our inquiry on a sibling group of girls (ages 8 and 6) and got told that our home study has been sent to their case worker for review. Since then we have done what I know we shouldn't have...we've become seriously enamored at the thought of having these two girls in our homes, family, hearts. I've been on edge since making the inquiry; can't sleep, eating emotionally, and cleaning like mad. This waiting to hear something (anything!) from DHR is making me bonkers.
I know that it's a long process and I just have to deal with the wait, but it's really getting to me. Do any of you have any ideas on how to make this waiting period less agonizingly stressful? How have you guys coped while waiting to make a match? Also, is/ was your social worker very interested in trying to help you get a placement or make a match or did you have to basically pull teeth to find out any information?
I've wanted to adopt for a long time, it just took a while for my husband to come around to the I feel like I've been waiting forever to start a family. Now that he's as excited as I am, we're just being worrywarts that we'll never get matched...and we won't match with these two little girls that we believe will be a great addition to our family. Sigh.
Congratulations on taking a huge step forward in growing your family!
I think many CWs are different, but I'm hoping that they get back to you asap! As slow as CWs are in foster situations, from what I've heard they seem to be much more eager to get adoption-ready children placed into homes quickly, so I'm hoping you hear soon. As far as now, it sounds like you're "nesting" with the house cleaning etc. My advice would be to have a night out with your husband. Go to a movie, etc. to try to take your mind off waiting. Novels always help me "escape" to a different place too. It might help you transfer your thoughts for a moment.
Keep us updated!
The Kelleys! Please update us when you can about your situation ... did things work out with the two girls? Do you have other children? How did it all play out? What advice do you have for others who are playing the "waiting game" with getting children into their homes? Thanks, and best wishes!