:wings: To my unborn child:
My stomach expands a little each day,
whispering words to you I wish to say.
Morning sickness comes and goes,
but my love for you forever grows.
I know I cannot give you life,
you, my baby, will never know strife.
I love you with each passing day,
your soul and mine forever will stay.
I wish there was more that I could give,
you have taken my heart captive.
Please, little one, I hope you see,
how much you truly mean to me.
I wish I could push you into this world;
offer you presents made of diamonds and pearls.
You will never leave my mind, my love,
You are Gods gift sent from above.
Please forgive me for my selfish ways,
I cannot stand to watch your body decay.
I promise to bury you under a blue tree of joy,
because you will forever be my baby boy.
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