I am new to this so please bare with me. I am a 26 year old Young man. I am married and have had one eventful upbringing. At this point the conclusion is clear to me that I am willing to do absolutely anything to have my Non-Biological mom adopt me. I need this to happen in my life to complete everything that makes me whole. My name is Sean and I live in Arizona. I grew up without a mother in my life. She had left at 3 months old, and at 11 or 12 I moved to Arizona from California and my first friend here had a mother with a heart of pure gold! She quickly became a mother figure in my life, and has treated me as her own. Done everything a mother should both emotionally/mentally and physically(?? Comfort and love) speaking. I never asked her if she would be ok with adopting me as her son and her my mom, not until recently that is. She of course said in a heartbeat, and so here I am seeking out the knowledge and help I need to make this happen! Please im willing to do it however it needs to be done. Through a different state or whatever! This woman means all of everything to me, and her heart as pure as it is would love this as well. She has one biological son and along with me took in 5 other boys(my brothers) and I believe 4 or 5 girls(my adopted sisters) . She did this strictly out of the kindness of her heart because she saw we need a mother. None of us were adopted by paperwork but by love. PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP ME, I would forever be in debt to you!
Sorry this was so long
Sincerely appreciative,
Sean Johnson
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Contact the Superior Court for whatever county you currently reside in. Here's the site for Santa Clara, California:
It sounds like a fairly straight-forward, uncomplicated process.
Good luck!
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