I recently learned that a friend of mine, who was an expectant mother who had mad an adoption plan, went into labor preterm and lost her baby. My heart is broken both for her and for the couple she had matched with. I would really like to help her, but since I have not suffered a pregnancy loss myself, I am not sure how. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can help her/the hopefuk adoptive couple get through this?
This breaks my heart. What a difficult situation for your friend and the hopeful adoptive couple. Sometimes the most helpful thing is just being there for her to talk to and let her cry. When I went to preterm labor and lost my first son, it was a roller coaster of emotions and I had one friend in particular that let me vent and cry and she never judged me. She cried with me and went with me to my son's grave. She sends me gifts on his birthday and gave me a necklace with his initials on it. I think just showing your support will help a lot.