Has anyone had to request a criminal record exemption in CA? My husband had a dui arrest years and years ago and our Agency is requesting an exemption. Our placement has been postponed as a result, so if you've been through this or know someone who has, please share the time it actually took to get the exemption!
I'm not sure I understand what an 'exemption' is. I have heard of expungement -- is that what you're talking about? If that's what you mean, you can talk to an attorney and get a good idea of the timeline.
Depending on how your county court system handles those types of cases, it may be nothing more than an application to the court to be approved by a judge -- which shouldn't take a huge amount of time.
Hey Brandy, no, it's a Criminal Record Exemtion required by licensing in order to be approved. The arrest was out of state, did not involve children and was years ago, but we've still got to send the department of social services an exemption request.
Wow, I've learned something new!
Well, I have absolutely zero experience -- so I can't help. I wouldn't imagine it would be difficult. Especially if the agency has dealt with it before.
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I think we are more concerned with how long DSS says it will take (75 days). We are completely finished and approved with everything other than this. We had a placement postponed because of it, so looking for anyone who went through this and can give a realistic time frame. Our Agency thinks much shorter than 75, but we would like to know a ballpark.