I have been a world traveller since 2005. My previous employer sent me to banking transaction processing centres all over the world. I am child free and debt free, middle class, do not own guns, do not smoke or use drugs, etc. I am recently employed by a defence contractor in Tempe Arizona.
In 2014, Kim and I got married. We are both 52. Kim is Burmese. She has visited the USA twice with me. She is from a middle class family in Burma.
Kim is widowed from her first husband. She has a son who is 13. We have been travelling, and living in Singapore, so her son has lived in Burma all this time. By Burmese standards he is a rich kid. He has an iPad, iPhone, laptop, brand name clothing, etc. We have provided for him well.
She visits him about once every three months. We took him on some trips, taught him to swim, etc. We have been only "part time parents all this time". He wants for nothing except for a home with two parents.
I have to admit that neither of us are truly "parent material", but both of us are "uncle and auntie" to everyone we meet. Small things, (dogs, cats, children, etc) all love me. I have the type of sense of humour that kids enjoy.
He announced that he wants to be a software engineer (like me). He will soon be old enough to attend high school, so I figured I had better get a job back in the USA. So in January, I quit my job (23 years with Bank of America). I now work in Tempe, Arizona (less money, but still middle class). His mother will join me in a few months. She will not get work right away. She will spend time with him to help him adjust. She has some experience in the USA. He has none.
I sent him photographs of my community here in Tempe Arizona, and photographs of the school where he will attend. He is very excited.
He needs an American name that his new friends will be able to pronounce. Adoption will simply things. I am already married to his mother. His father is deceased. Nobody has any claim to him.
I am getting him a B1 visit visa for this summer break. I was hoping to do the adopting while he is here, and then change his status. Any thoughts on that? How do we get started? What forms do I need? Where do I find the forms?