I and my husband are Green card holders and wanting to adopt a healthy child from India.
We are looking for complete details on the adoption process. We are willing to stay in India for 2 years before we could bring back the child to the US.
Need information on below things,
-Which adoption agency to choose from the US for home study report? I reside in the Illinois area there is no adoption agency in Illinois. What are the next steps?
-Is the priority same for Resident Indian and NRI?
-What is the process after the Home Study Report?
-Should the adoptive parents need to create a profile and wait for the referral? Please explain who will be the referral (Biological parents or Prospective adoptive parents friends/family)
-Are there any private adoption agencies that I can adopt a child from? After adoption, can I bring back the child to the US after residing with Child in India for 2 years?
Please provide guidance on the process.
Please share your experiences!
Thanks in Advance,