I know this may be a long shot.....
I recently discovered that my Grandmother gave birth to a son in the year of 1947-1948. Unfortunately I do not have much information since she is deceased and I found this out from another older family member. Here is the information that I have.
Birth Mother:(my Grandmother): Ora Della West (last name could also be Prouse-1st marriage & Lamb-2nd marriage).
Birth Father: Unknown but what I was told he was in the Army.
Possible year of birth: 1947-1948.
Birthplace: Long Beach, Ca
Other information I was told-He was adopted by a Doctor and his wife who lived in San Francisco Ca.
To find this information out has been such an amazing journey. I know the odds are stacked against me since I do not have much information at all, but it would be great to see if I was able to find him.
Last update on December 29, 9:49 am by Matt Edward.
Hi Matt
Is it possible to search birth record in California by your Grandmothers name?
Then contact the hospital for information?
Or are there adoption agencies in California that you could contact with these details?
I got information about my biological parents from an adoption agency.
Kind regards