Hello Members,
My name is Mia Swanson and I am a 14-year-old adopted from China, now living with a loving family in California. I am requesting the opportunity to be connected to other families in your region who have adopted children from China, who are of school age so that we can work as a community to do good together.
To that end, I am starting an organization called Adopted Youth for Abandoned Children (AYAC), that allows for people adopted from China to create a meaningful difference to the youth who are still living in Chinese orphanages through initiatives such as:
A) Providing children, who were orphaned due to costly health issues and special needs, with basic necessities (hygiene/sanitation, educational resources, funds for medical care, etc.) The orphanages can help us identify where we can be most supportive with our resources.
B) Connecting youth in the USA who were adopted from China with youth still living in China through a pen-pal program to promote cultural awareness. They can learn about us and we can learn about Chinese culture, and even practice writing Chinese.
C) Raising awareness for the challenges that these children face in their daily lives, along with spreading children's stories around the internet through blogs and other endeavors to help children be adopted before their fourteenth birthday (the time that they can no longer be available for adoption). With your support, we hope to identify agencies who could use our support in safely placing children who are difficult to place.
I look forward to working together, and I appreciate your time and any guidance you can offer. Please contact me at Your support matters to me.
Thank you,
Mia Swanson
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