20 years ago m girlfriend at the time give our daughter up for adoptio. It was an open adoption.
Just recently she, her being 20 years old, decided to get married. The adopted parents are furious furious with the way she has handled her choice and manner in which to proceed with her future. Subsequently, she moved out of the house and in with her boyfriend/fiance's mothers home.
Currently, she and the adopetee are not speaking to each other.
My birth daughter has asked me to give away the bride. This is an honor, in part, I feel shouldn't be mine. I fully respect the adopted parents for rearing her into adulthood. Yet to abandoning her for her choice that they disagree with, I can't allow her to feel abandoned.
My question is should I really accept this our or encourage the adopted parents to support her regardless of her choices?
Thank you for any thoughts on this if any one chooses to comment.