Hi everyone. Im not sure where to put this so if this is the wrong forum let me know. To start off, I am actually 31 but have been disowned by my parents for being diagnosed Autistic with a learning disability. Im a female, and was diagnosed in my teens when I wanted to go to college. Unfortunately my family is abusive and my mother psychologically, emotionally, and mentally abused me for years before telling me I was "dead to her" and my Father said they didnt "have the time " to love me. The rest of the family was physically abusive or absent. As such, I went into adulthood with no adult figures in my life to guide me. I fantasise about Having a family who welcome and loves me. Because of the neglect there are things I find I have not known, such as how to go to the doctor, how to apply for an apartment, how to get a bank account, etc...
Im Somewhat accomplished, I won an Ontario Youth Award for being a girl guide, Ive worked in dog shelters. I am an activist and have been on TV and spoken at symposia. I am an opera Singer, and want to become a music therapist. I have no siblings as they both died in a car crash. Im artistic and have synaesthesia and create personal portraits for people based on the colours i see them as. I am outgoing, passionate, compassionate and highly loyal. I love having New fun experiences. I dont do any drugs, I dont smoke. I do enjoy alcohol from time to time, love coffee.
I want to be adopted because I want to start fresh and feel like I have a real family that is my own, who I can have Christmas with, share in my family's lives, have mother/daughter talks, and I want it to be real and legitimate.
Looking for:
Canadian, preferrably in Ontario, near Toronto or Hamilton
LGBTQ friendly
A mother, two moms, or mom/dad pair
Autism and Neurodiversity friendly and understanding
Disability friendly
Someone who was wanted a daughter, and would be excited to have a mother/daughter adult relationship. Someone who wants to mentor and care for a daughter.
Bonus: siblings/cousins who are active in the family life.
My Instagram is lunar.aquarian
My email is
I might be too young for you to consider me as a prospective adoptive mother, but I'm looking to adopt an adult child.
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