I placed my daughter for adoption and I never saw this coming that I desperately want her back.
Basically, I felt good about my choice until the choice was taken from me. The adoptive parents have chosen to honor the uninvolved sperm donor birthfather over me. I literally did nothing wrong. I was a perfect birth mom. I never inserted myself into their lives, I never bothered anyone. When the birth father (who was married to someone else at the time of conception and up until just before the birth) came out of no where and demanded the child, they gave him a schedule with the baby that is similar to divorced parents. My biggest issue is actually the fact that the adoptive parents fought tooth and nail to get him on the original “amended” birth certificate and since this guy was a hook up who was married, it feels like the deepest violation. I even asked if they would just get my name off the amended birth certificate and replace it with Jane Doe and they wouldn’t even try.
I don’t get a relationship with my son anymore, it is very obvious. I am certain that they are actually trying to make me hate them and want nothing to do with them because there is no other explanation. They didn’t need to hurt me in order to keep their daughter, the birth father never wanted the baby in the first place.
I am beyond devastated and I feel like I was used like a slave. I’m sure it sounds dramatic but I chose adoption for my daughter, not for the couple. If I wanted her raised in two homes, I would have kept her. I did not even consent to this adoption, I never would have.
I’m just so sad, I wish for her back all day everyday. I cannot help but think about this all day long. She is now 15 months old and I know I will never get her back. It is the deepest regret I have ever experienced and I have no outlets for it.