Hi, I'm a school nurse who has had type one diabetes since childhood (20+ years). I worked with a support network for five years as a childrens coordinator, graduated with my nursing degree, worked in acute and home care settings for a few years before moving. I worked a year in hospice before taking a job as an elementary school nurse and it has been like a duck to water.
I've been here about a month working with a 3rd grade boy with type one diabetes (among other kids). He bonded almost instantly that gave me hope for his resilience when I got his story.
He was removed from his birth parents at age 3, was placed with his aunt for 2 years before she relinquished him, and then was in a permanent placement with his grandparents, along with his younger sister, and several older siblings who had been adopted by his grandparents.
I have always wanted to adopt. And was planning on pursuing it in earnest in about a year. I met him and told my mom I needed to get my foster license, because based on some observations, I was worried he would end up in the system again, and if that happened. . . I wanted him.
We came back from thanksgiving break and grandma came to get his stuff. . . She had called cps and relinquished the two youngest. They weren't able to keep up, and with herself and her husband in poor health, she just couldnt.
Turns out he had come out of the county I moved from a year ago. . . The one with the awesome network for type one families. I gave her some info, a book I had gotten for him, and my number. She gave me hers and said I could keep in touch and that he grandson had really liked me. . . She didnt know if she would be able to get anything to him from me. . . Tx isn't great about grandparents apparently.
I really want him and his sister. The timing is poor. I literally signed a lease on a 1 bedroom apartment shortly before taking this job, and I have 11 months to go, I'm not paper ready. . . In 11 months I should be ready, that's been the plan all along. I found a foster and adoption 101 class next week.
The nurse that worked with him prior was really supportive of me pursuing this. I have one friend going through a foster to adopt process and told me that if my circumstances change in a year, and I want them, it beat down every door till I find them. Another friend suggested I reach out now to his case worker and tell them my intentions. . . It's easier to not lose him than to find him, but I don't know who she is. I'm familiar with contacting cps as a mandatory reporter, but not anything like this. . .
How would I even go about this?