Hello, my name is Robert, I am 33 years old. I am European as you can tell by my last name, however I was raised in the United Kingdom so I have a British accent. My biological family have decided to disown me because I have depression, learning disabilities and other behavioural problems. I am a very sweet, timid, sensitive person, I just get very emotional and have abandonment issues. My hobbies and interests are photography, art, sports and nature. I am hoping to look for parents who are around ages 40-50+ and have other adult children my age range. The family has to be kind, down to earth and liberal, I have had bad experiences with anyone who is conservative. If you are interested in adopting me, please let me know.
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Hey Robert, i feel kinda same with you
also i wanna know what makes u want to find a parent even you are not young anymore
coz I feel that way too
Robert you shouldn't be looking for a family, you're 33. The reason you want a family so bad is because yours disowned you and that's okay. It makes sense to feel that way in your situation. I know how you feel. I've went through a lot with my parents and adoptive parents and they never cared for me. But you can't stay a child, you can't search for parents, you're a grown up and you need to accept how your life went so far with your family and move on from it. You're not going to find parents at 33. Accept life and move on to better things. Searching for something you should've had as a child is forcing you to stay in the past pain. Be the dad you always want to be. Give yourself the love you've always wanted from your parents. All you need is inside yourself. Stop searching for other people man. Love yourself more than that.