Hi, our baby is due in three months and I’ve been trying to induce lactation so I can breastfeed our adopted baby. It’s day five on the induced lactation process and Ive had an interesting experience already. Ever since the very first pumping session I’ve been getting milky discharge from the breast but not any full droplets. Does anyone have any experience with induced lactation? Or can anyone tell from this picture if I’m actually already lactating or if that’s just nipple discharge that happens when you pump? I’m really hopeful I can get to a good sized supply.
My husband and I unexpectedly took into our care and who we have now adopted a 9 month old boy as he was at time we took him into our care. He had spent most his days in care. I had no intention of breastfeeding. He would claw at my boob and would get distressed so eventually I thought let’s see. He was very happy to latch and comfort suck. I and no milk to offer him. I was warned there was a chance if he did this enough he could cause me to lactate. He required heart surgery and after surgery would not take a bottle which he had taken no bother. He was at stage of having them considering putting in a feeding tube when a nurse suggested trying using a supplemental nursing system due to fact he wanted to comfort suck all the time.
This worked for him with no issue but meant he would point blankly refuse a bottle. Bout 10 days later of him only feeding using system. I woke up thru night one night with rock solid aching breasts. I called the hospital and my hubby and I went straight in and reason i felt like I did was milk had come in. He happily drained both sides.
Further two weeks down line I did away with system as was producing enough to satisfy him. I have to stress he spent his days attached to me it was hard going but this was a subject I knew nothing about. I spent 6 months where he was at my breast continually but it had another huge impact for us, he came on leaps and bounds in all departments.
I probably when not looking to induce this it happened and went so well but I presume because of him wanting to comfort suck continuously thus proving breast pumping etc is key
Re your picture I did get that at times before milk fully appeared