New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Springfield, colorado, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Indiana. I am adopted but there's been lots of misinformation, and a lack of information and looking to connect with possible birth parents probably need international or private DNA testing, no ancestry.vom or 23 and me...all through Texas.
Mostly European (blonde (now darker); blue- greenish eyes) but may have Russian or native American heritage. Highly flexible, high creativity, should be 5'5", blonde but am not (a toxic exposure as a teen caused me to be shorter than this and hair darked recently from a medical error- progesterone overdose). Father may have been philanthropist, navyman, priest, highly intuitive, in the government or artist with higher IQ, similar to Richard gear maybe blonder. Mother likely part native or darker complected. Most of this is educated guesses but creative smart highly flexible blonde 5'5", strong fertility, stronger than average craving for meat; these are things I know for sure.
My kids are also muscular, focal at birth, intelligent, intuitive and eat more red meats than average. Two had blonde hair and dark eyes (dark blue and brown).
I can move my ears naturally!
If I sound like I could be your long lost relative, email me! Privacy may be important, my birth was clearly a secret, parents may have been victims of something, may be dead and the paper trail is none.
I once had a dream entirely Portuguese, unconscious memory or intuition? This is why I stated my family may have been Brazil or Portugal residents or immigrants. The adoption happened between age 0-3, vague memory myother or caretaker previously had golden dark blonde hair and was taller.
I enjoy early Madonna videos and loved the movie Annie as a child. I am an artist, jeweler, chef, smart. I have very little to go by so I just included everything I can think of here.
My real family may have encountered people that they thought were me, there's been a lot of "mixups" like that in my life.