Take the One Piece Las Vegas Raiders (whom the Chargers will be facing on their season opener on September 11), the Gundam-inspired showdown vs. the Kansas City Chiefs and their Patrick Mahomes mech, or the Tennessee Titans' literally being paired with Attack On Titan. It’s all beautiful stuff.
The main protagonist in the Chargers anime are stars like quarterback Justin Herbert, cornerback J.C. Jackson, running back Austin Ekeler and top-rated Madden 23 linebacker Joey Bosa. The latter will have to face his own brother Nick when the Chargers go up against the San Francisco 49ers come week 10.
Whether it’s the sight of head coach Brandon Staley fighting Andy Reid inside their quarterback mechs, the team riffing on the Seattle Seahawks losing Russell to the Denver Broncos, or their Los Angeles rivals the Rams literally burning their draft picks, there’s a little something here for everyone.
NFL teams continue to bridge the gap with industries like gaming, far beyond the yearly release of a new Madden game. For example, Dr. Disrespect recently showed up on draft night to announce the 49ers third-round pick. Perhaps more football teams should consider making their own anime trailers, after all, Tom Brady's career is already filled with enough drama and victories for his own anime arc.
Another year, another entry in the Madden series. While some have suggested that the franchise take a year off in order to enhance the quality of the product, EA’s NFL-based games have been releasing routinely since the late 80s and are about as inevitable as the return of Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady. This time around, however, news of the next Madden installment comes via a leak.
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