What about your siblings?
Would somone please explain to why the state of California has the right to seal an adoptee's record? Because it make s it nearly impossible to locate and siblings. You know, none of us asked to be born into this mess and I think it is really ugly to keep brothers and sisters away from each other for life. I think that this is a form of emotional abuse. Because for me, there will never be closure and now my children will never get to know where they come from either. Because I have no back ground I simply don't exsist in a family full of history that does not belong to me. I think in the 60's a bunch of expected moms were seriously lied to by the system. Some of us adoptee were put into abusive and neglectful homes. Thus the cylcle did continue.ETC.Unhappy I should at least have the right/chance to know my sisters and vice versa.:o It can never be said that a adoptee does not understand the true meaning of living in an unfair society. Thanks.
adoptees put in abusive homes
I don't know the answer to your question. I wish I could help you. Because I was never legally adopted (a form of black marke adoption) I just found out today who one of my brothers is and his address...it was a great feeling. I hope you will experience it soon!

I too was raised in an abusive home, in fact; I have post traumatic stress disorder from chilhood abuse. My councler says that it is common for adoptees to be abused. But it seems that this is our dirty little secret. I want all of us to tell. The world needs to know whats going on.
I was not abused. I was simply talking about any children who were put into homes where they were abused. Like my biological sisters. I was raised in a Christian home full of love. Sorry about the confusion.
I found my sisters and it is going very well!! We have had relationship since 02/14/2004.. Love my sisters and I am now completely happy. I still have relationship with my parents who adopted me. And they have accepted my sisters. Life could not be better.Grin)
I'm happy...
Grin) Still happy
Nothing to say....
I did not know that my post would be plastered all over the internet.. Bad form..Not happy
This is a public forum so of course it is on the internet. You don't have to log in to read any posts, so that means no one else does either. It was never billed as a private forum.

I'm sorry that you are disappointed. It's always important to remember that anything shared anywhere on the interenet has the potential to be public and found by others.

I don't see anything you said though that should have caused you an issue, in this thread at least.

Do you want to talk about why this bothers you?
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