I am interested in starting my own international adoption agency. My background is in the field of education and not social work. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get information?
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I was also wondering what it took to create an adoption agency and what you would hav to major in and study to be able to do this. Have you heard anything from anyone on how to d this...or does anyone know any information?
I am interested in learning how this is done too. Please share any tips, advice, etc. with me if you can. If you are thinking of starting one, let's talk. You can email me at If you are in Washington state, let me know.
I have been looking into this also. The first thing you need to do is look at state regulations. I live in NH, and in order to "run" an agency not "start" one is you have to have a BA degree in Human Services, and at least 5 years experience working with adoption. One way around this is to hire a part time "executive director" for your agency. I am now looking into this. I am also looking into opening a regional office for an existing agency, but need to follow the same regs.
Hi everyone,
I am also looking on how to start an adoption agency. Maybe interested people on this board should all email each other and it could be a joint investigation on how to persue this.
I know some states you need to be licensed and others you do not. Does anyone know any more info about this?
I am in Texas and have a BA in Criminology/Psychology. I have worked in case management with children in Protective Services.
If anyone would like to chat and swap info, please email me at edited for privacy