Hi everyone,
I just received an email from "" who thinks she may be my daughter. DOB she offered was exact, Hospital was exact, time of birth was 2 minutes off, weight was 2 oz off, and she knew the attorneys name that handled the adoption. The email addy made me go "huh?" Does this look familiar to anyone else, is this a possible scam, can any one advise? This person offered no adopted name, or any other info. Any help, advice would be appreciated.
Thanks a bunch!
My e-mail address is mamacassie on this site, but I'm a birthmom, 54 years of age. does this help? from Oregon. DOB of child 6-1967
Is this scamming thing still going around? I've been contacted several times by someone who insists, despite conflicting information, that I am his friend's daughter. I've done a little investigating and it seems like this "friend" is down on her luck, and I have a feeling that he might be charging her to make a connection. Though he hasn't asked me for money, he has been quite aggressive with his emails to me.
Anyone heard of Walt Horning? What do you know about him? I've found some weird stuff about him on the net, but would like to contact someone who knows him or has interacted with him.
Thank you.
does this girl apologize over and over again? does she ask you to please not be mad at her? does she promise to do better next time? has she been severly abused as a child? did her amom die and was she placed in a foster home? if so, you've been scammed...i know...she got me too...just be careful...i have private info on her and have done some research myself about the scamming issue...
thanks, ursula.
[font=Arial]I yahoo'd Walt Horning. I just glanced at the first page and didn't actually follow any links, but may google them later. I did find one site listed (tripod) talking about adoption, and lower on the page was "Janet's Adoption Links" with the same address. I went there and one of the first sentences was that "First and foremost, you MUST register with ISRR." I haven't heard of them, but that doesn't mean much. I just don't like being told I MUST do anything. I was led to plumsite dot com and although they have a section on adoption, they also offer online education courses, web-page development, and a significant number of other non-adoption services. When I yahoo'd plumsite, one of the links was to here:[/font]
[font=Arial]I'm not impressed with plumsite, but I spose if they were really bad hopefully admin would have had complaints by now.[/font]
[font=Arial]btw, I love doing detective-type stuff :cool: and am fairly good at it, so if there's anything I could research, I'm happy to give it a try.[/font]
[font=Arial]Warmly, heartbeat (p.s. just realized that the link to us is archived. still shows up on yahoo tho)[/font]
It's a scam . . I found this on the web just now . . .
From Tammie on 18 March '03
Friends please be aware that there is a major scam going on, it is directed at members of the triad..if you receive and email from stating they have found or are your family member BEWARE. This is a scam, these people have already defrauded several members of the triad (credit cards, checks..etc..) I was almost scammed by them, fortunately I have some good friends that did some research and found out this is a scam. These scammers have been at this awhile and are good at what they do, so please be careful! Your Friend Tammie
[*][url=""]Re: SCAMMER[/url] - catherine jones - 05/29/03
ISSR is the International Soundex Reunion Registry... which is the largest mutual registry in the world... They will do the contacting to the parties if they feel that there is a match in information... It's a good place to at least start in your search......many people have gone there to put their information online and discovered that someone WAS already looking for them.. It's a legitimate place... just wanted you to know.........sal
I am trying to help a birth mother in locating her birth child. Recently I have located my husbands bio family along with his adopted brothers bio family, however I'm learning it is much more difficult to find a birth child verse a birth parent
Here are a few reunion registries that you can try:
[url=]Adoption Registry - Records, Reunion Registries, Adoptees, Search Reunite[/url]
[url=]G'S United States Adoption Registry Home Page[/url]
[url=]Adoption Registry[/url]