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Timo from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Timo was born in November 2010. He has been diagnosed with Noonan-like syndrome, congenital stenosis of the pulmonary artery valve, infantile cerebral palsy, symptomatic epilepsy, optic nerve atrophy, bilateral clubfeet (surgically corrected), and cognitive delays. Timo is a cooperative, affectionate boy who initiates interactions with others familiar to him and willingly takes part in group activities. He walks and runs with a stable gait, climbs stairs on his own, and enjoys pushing a stroller outdoors. With support, Timo can hold pens and brushes and use them appropriately, string beads, put together puzzles, eat with a spoon, and drink from a cup. He vocalizes mostly sounds but he is learning to use gestures for communication. Timo likes sensory stimulation, especially bright, musical toys, playing in water, and being in a ball pit. He laughs when tickled and loves to cuddle with familiar adults. When anxious he shows some self-aggressive behaviors. Timo is in the 4th grade, working under an individual education plan. He arranges the daily calendar for his classroom, with guidance, and recognizes his own picture and name. Timo cooperates during dressing, undressing, and bathing. He is not yet toilet-trained. Weight at Birth: 2.950 kg Height at Birth: 47 cm Weight Oct 2019: 20 kg Height Oct 2019: 120 cm
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