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BRIANNE from European Union



from European Union

Siblings Bravo, Belle, and Brianne were born in May 2006, August 2008, and October 2012, respectively. All three children are healthy and typically developing. They live in two foster families in the same village and maintain active contact with one another. BRAVO is a confident teen with solid self-acceptance. He attends a Vocational High School where he achieves good grades and is well established among many friends. In his spare time, Bravo prefers joint activities, such as soccer, to solo ones. Age appropriately, he continues to take on more and more responsibilities, including assisting with household chores in the foster home even without having been assigned such tasks. BELLE has successfully completed sixth grade and her teacher reports that with a little more effort and diligence, she would be an excellent student. Belle has good self-esteem and positive relationships with both those younger and older than herself. As a teen, Belle is interested in maintaining her appearance as well as spending time with friends. She likes going for walks and participating in group activities. BRIANNE is an excellent student who has finished second grade, showing a penchant for and interest in mathematics. She occasionally breaks the rules in the classroom or foster home, but those situations can be quickly and cooperatively resolved. Brianne has many friends with whom she likes to play and also enjoys spending time with her sister. These siblings have a positive attitude toward adoption and must be adopted together.
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