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Kiara from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Meet Kiara! This beautiful young lady is a resilient, sweet, sassy, and funny girl who loves to make other people laugh! She's become an avid card player and loves to listen to music on her MP3 player. She enjoys arts and crafts (especially making ?slime?) and playing card games such as War, Slap Jack, and Speed! She's recently started participating in boxing classes and is enjoying these as well. She also loves school, enjoys doing her homework, and wants to work hard when she's in school. She looks forward to learning and attending. This girl loves to try new things and is always willing to share her homemade slime with her friends! Those who know her describe her as a giving and generous individual who enjoys talking to others and loves helping other people. Most of all, however, Kiara is very excited about finding her forever family! Parental rights have been terminated for Kiara. For more information, a family can call SWAN helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Sarah Strachan, via telephone or email
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