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Amanda from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Meet 13 year old Amanda and her 11 year old brother, Anders! We met these sweet siblings for the first time during our Superkids trip to Taiwan in November. It was wonderful getting know them, as they were both very personable. Amanda shared that her favorite animals are cats – and she has 7 at home! She loves to take care of them and play with them. She also enjoys painting with watercolors, singing and dancing. She is even in a dance club at school! Like many girls her age, she loves the K-Pop band, BTS. When we asked her to describe herself, she told us she is active, optimistic, and an assistant to her teachers. She wants to a hair stylist when she grows up. Amanda is currently in the 7th grade. She gets some extra help in school and with homework. Amanda takes medication for ADHD and mild Tourette Syndrome (eye squinting/rubbing when anxious). Our hope is that Amanda and Anders can be adopted together.
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