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Anders from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Meet 13 year old Amanda and her 11 year old brother, Anders! We met these sweet siblings for the first time during our Superkids trip to Taiwan in November. It was wonderful getting know them, as they were both very personable. Anders was described by his foster mother as adventurous, clever, considerate, and nice. He likes playing sports and his favorites are basketball and badminton. He also enjoys drawing and playing with Legos. He is currently in the 5th grade. Even though he told us English was his least favorite subject in school, Anders was especially proud to show off his English skills to us! He counted in English, said his ABC’s, “thank you”, and even wrote his name in English! Anders told us that he wants to be a police officer when he grows up because he thinks that he will look handsome in the uniform. I have no doubt about it, Anders! Anders has no medical needs. Our hope is that Amanda and Anders can be adopted together.
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