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Alexis from Texas



from Texas

Alexis is initially shy, and she can be sensitive at times. However, once she is comfortable and knows you, she has a big personality that matches her creativity! She is working on managing her emotions by using appropriate coping skills when she begins to feel upset or disappointed. Alexis enjoys receiving attention from others, but she also enjoys having her own space. She benefits from some added support in school. Alexis loves playing games. She also loves playing with animals. Alexis loves to do anything that involves art and crafts, she especially likes to draw. Alexis enjoys reading. She also enjoys being on her tablet and playing with all sorts of other electronics. Alexis enjoys listening to music and watching movies. Visit me at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

Alexis would like a two-parent household, where her mom is the main caregiver. She hopes to find caregivers who will provide her a nurturing and structured environment and will be invested in encouraging her creativity. Alexis will do well in a home with children who are older than her or very young. She enjoys having the company of sisters. Alexis will do best in a home where she is provided with daily structure.

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