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Alijah from Texas



from Texas

Alijah is a very outgoing, energetic youth. He likes to constantly engage in something, whether drawing, coloring, or playing with his toys. Alijah enjoys being athletic and playing outside. He likes to play basketball, soccer, football or any other sport where he can utilize some of the energy he has built up. Alijah enjoys learning and likes to discover new things every day. He becomes proud of himself for practicing writing letters and working on simple math problems. Alijah likes to listen to music and will play his maracas along with the beat of the music. He enjoys exploring his imagination by making up games to play. He likes cutting up paper to make play money to play with. Alijah is very vocal about his wants and has no problem expressing his feelings.

Alijah's forever family will be patient with Alijah, provide a family setting and allow stability. Alijah's family will be a support for him in his education and spend quality time with him. Alijah's forever family will be active and like the outdoors like him.

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