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Anthony from Texas



from Texas

Anthony loves playing sports such as basketball, football, and soccer. He is very social and enjoys talking and making friends. He loves to share his belongings and takes pride in helping others. He enjoys listening to country music and says he loves the way it makes him feel. Anthony loves being praised for his good behavior and loves to be rewarded. He is very silly and active and has a passion for video games and action movies. Anthony has a very sharp imagination and can draw anything that he sees or can remember! French fries, macaroni and pasta are some of his favorite things to eat. Besides wanting to be "rich", Anthony wishes to take a family vacation with his brother to Disney World. Anthony would like a forever family who will be supportive. Anthony is very excited about the possibility of being adopted.

Anthony's family will be nurturing, committed, and caring family who will assist him in reaching his fullest potential. Anthony's family will show him that they are there for him and are supportive to him maintaining contact with his biological family. The best suitable family for Anthony would be a one or two parent home. Anthony is used to being around siblings and would do well with both older and younger children.

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