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Azkadeila from Texas



from Texas

Azkadeila loves participating in arts and crafts activities. She is very creative and driven, and she takes great pride in everything that she accomplishes and sets her mind to. She is very family oriented and will help others out to her fullest capacity. She will share all that she has with others without a moment's hesitation. Azkadeila does very well in school and enjoys learning. Her favorite subject is reading. She loves to read books to learn new things. She also enjoys learning how to do new things with makeup and likes to experiment with different hairstyles. She is still discovering who she is and who she wants to be. She enjoys spending time with animals and would like to have a pet. Azkadeila enjoys going on outings and spending time as a family.

Her forever family will be one that is supportive of her and care about her feelings. Azkadeila would like to have a traditional family with a mother and father. She is very family oriented. Her family will also be supportive of continued contact with her siblings.

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