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Blaize from Texas



from Texas

Introducing Blaize! He is full of energy and life. He loves to play, either outdoors or inside. He especially loves to play with dinosaur and shark toys. He also likes looking at books about dinosaurs and sharks. Blaize loves Star Wars and superheroes as well! He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He does best when he has a daily routine that lets him learn what to expect next. It is beneficial for Blaize if you prepare him for any deviations from his daily schedule. He benefits from extra encouragement at school to stay on task to complete his work. Blaize hopes to own a guinea pig one day and he really enjoys animals but he may need some assistance with being gentle. He likes being outdoors, but he prefers more of a city life where he has lots to do. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Blaize's forever family will be one who is excited to have him in their lives. He hopes to have a mom and dad who love and support him. His parents will have knowledge or experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder or be excited to learn about it in order to provide Blaize with a structured environment. Blaize's family will be patient and keep in close communication with his teachers and other school personnel to ensure that his educational needs are met so he can have the best educational environment.

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