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Britain from Texas



from Texas

Britain has a reserved personality. He responds well to a structured and organized routine. He is stimulated through concrete and visual objects. Britain is non-verbal. He communicates through noises and visual prompts. Sometimes, he responds in an unfavorable manner. Britain requires support in interacting with others. He will try to engage with others, but he becomes frustrated because he is unable to express himself verbally. Britain is happy playing alone or with an adult. He likes to receive all the attention from his caregiver. Britain follows directions, if he is closely guided through a task with visual instruction and assistance. He requires a lot of patience and constant prompts from his caregiver. Britain loves to be praised with external rewards for his success. Food and manipulative tokens are very effective for Britain. He enjoys spending time with people who show him a lot of affection and attention. Britain enjoys school. He requires constant supervision and guidance while at school. Britain likes playing video games, even though he does not understand how to play the game. He is limited on his video screen time. Britain is very excited to play with action superhero figures. He also enjoys things he can manipulate, such as blocks. He is successful in organizing and putting items into a line. He receives great satisfaction from seeing his manipulatives in a neat line. Britain is easily distracted, unless he has support and guidance during play and learning. Britain has so much to share with his new family! He will progress best in a placement with his twin, Beaux.

Beaux and Britain are both very loving boys who are full of life and show an overwhelming kindness towards animals and children who are younger than them. Although their verbal communication skills are limited, this does not limited their bond with each other. Beaux and Britain enjoy laughing and playing with each other. Beaux is always willing and eager to be by Britain's side experiencing all the new things that they are learning and exploring as young children. They love to be read to, play with blocks or Legos, and play outside. Beaux is able to understand what is being asked of him more than Britain. Beaux is always willing to try to help Britain if he does not understand. Beaux loves to make others laugh and enjoys making his brother laugh, too. Both boys are extremely curious of their environment and love to explore everything around them. Together these brothers have an extraordinary amount of love for each other. Visit us at the

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