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Cameron from Texas



from Texas

Cameron is a caring teenager with a big personality! He enjoys attending church and singing along with choir. His favorite thing to do when he is feeling down and wants to brighten his day is listen to music or attempt to make music. Some of his favorite bands are the Backstreet Boys and Michael Jackson. If he is anywhere and hears a favorite song, you will hear him singing along! When it comes to his favorite holiday, he picks Christmas because it is Jesus' birthday. Cameron likes playing outside, going to the park or on outings, and playing basketball. Although he likes being outdoors, he also enjoys watching action movies, playing video games, and playing with Legos. He loves superheroes and enjoys watching cartoons. He likes watching Ninjago. Cameron likes to stop to play with his toys and spending time alone to recharge. He enjoys snack time and is not a picky eater. His favorite fast food is McDonald's. He is open to trying new things and learning new skills like arts and crafts. Cameron says that when he becomes upset, he goes to his room and reads his bible. He is beginning to care about his appearance and is working to make self-improvements. Cameron is well-mannered and answers questions with "Yes or No ma'am." He continues to work on his impulse control to help him with making decisions. Cameron would love to join a family with pets!

Cameron's forever family will provide unconditional love, boundaries, and stick to a routine to help him adjust into the home. His family will be active and enjoy doing activities both inside and outside. Cameron will benefit from a family who encourages him to participate in activities to develop his self-esteem and social skills. They will invest in him emotionally. His forever family will show him affection in his own way. Cameron will be a great son and does well with pets in the home. His family will take the time to build a relationship and trust with him. They will model boundaries and good, strong social skills to help him develop those skills. He hopes his forever family will show him love and individual attention. Cameron will thrive in a well-structured environment with a routine. His family will encourage and praise Cameron.

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