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Cedes from Texas



from Texas

Cedes is a resilient child who enjoys meeting new people and learning about their families. She has a huge heart for animals, especially dogs. Cedes does well in school and has been described by some of her teachers as a natural-born leader. She says her favorite class depends on the teacher, but she does well in science. She has expressed interest in attending college in the future. Cedes likes to show off her creative skills in her free time through drawing, journaling, cooking, and baking. She has recently found that she enjoys decorating cookies. Cedes is interested in sports and enjoyed playing in a city basketball league, where she was awarded a good sportsmanship award. She enjoys spending time with her adult sister through in-person visits or virtually. Cedes is eager to find her forever family.

Cedes' forever family will like to spend time together outdoors, as well as indoor activities like cooking or arts and crafts. She would do well in a home where she is the only child or in a home with one older sibling. Her family will be patient as Cedes transitions into living in their home.

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