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China from Texas



from Texas

China is an outgoing, bubbly girl. She enjoys many extracurricular activities, such as dancing and playing basketball and volleyball. China also enjoys hanging out with her friends. She likes to go to the mall and movies. China yearns to be with a family who encourages normalcy and participation in typical activities such as sleepovers and having her very own cell phone. China is a social butterfly who is very easy to talk to. She does well in school and has participated in drumline in the past. Her favorite subjects in school are math and history. China particularly likes learning about other cultures and the civil rights movement.

China will do well in a structured home that encourages her to do normal things that teenagers do. She will thrive in a home that encourages her to participate in extracurricular activities. China prefers to be the only child in the home but would be okay with a sibling or two. She does better with older children. China will benefit from a family who has experience with teenage girls. She will thrive in a home where expectations are known.

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