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Ashton from Texas



from Texas

Ashton is beautiful young lady with a big smile and curly hair. Ashton is very creative, artistic and strong willed. Ashton enjoys expressing her creativity through journaling and creating art. Ashton is a sweet young lady that will thrive with one-one attention. Ashton appreciates simple moments of togetherness such as going out to eat or shopping. Ashton loves all things girly, including getting her fingernails and toenails painted. Ashton enjoys being outdoors and swimming during warmer months. Ashton has a big personality and a kind heart. At times, Ashton struggles to manage her emotions, especially when she does not get her way however, she has been able to use her coping skills such as taking a walk or just being alone to deregulate her emotions. She does thrive on attention and affection.

Ashton needs a family who can give her time and energy. The family will need to have patience and provide Ashton with a lot of love, nature and structure. The family will need to set boundaries and keep those boundaries. Ashton will respond well to family who is very nurturing and supportive, and firm in guiding her. She will thrive with a family who is structured, has clear and concise expectations, and who offers much love and support.

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