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Christian from Texas



from Texas

Christian is a talkative young boy who enjoys sharing with other the things he enjoys. He is inquisitive and likes to learn about things everywhere he goes. Christian is a social and charming child. He is a ball of energy and can spend hours playing outside on his bike or throwing the ball around. Christian loves pizza and enjoys going to Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza. Christian loves to play with his play-dough and spend time molding characters. He enjoys Disney movies and singing along to the songs he knows. Christian's favorite colors are blue and red. He likes playing with toy cars and monster trucks. He would love to have a monster truck play set of his own. Christian enjoys spending time outdoors and is competitive in football and basketball. His favorite subject is math.

Christian needs a family who is patient. His family will love him unconditionally and provide a safe home environment. Christopher would like to have a big family which consists of a mom, dad, siblings his age, and a lot of extended family members. He would like for a family to help him build his dream monster truck play set. Christian would also love to have a Dalmatian in the home.

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